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CSI Compass

Managed Cyber Security Services

Imagine if your company could leverage the expertise of a first class cyber security team and services for a fixed monthly rate.  And then imagine if this gave you access to…

    • Advisory services
    • An Information Security Strategy tailored for your business
    • A Security Plan and Remediation
    • Compliance Resolution
    • Deployed security solutions
    • Security Reporting

Why choose CSI? CSI has a proven track record in the cyber security industry and a diverse team of security experts.  We believe that Cyber Security is about providing a secure environment to enable business. We approach security from a risk management perspective and continuously work on developing solutions as well as sourcing services to provide organisations with suitable security layers.

What is CSI Compass?

Pricing from R 2070-00 (incl. VAT) for 10 IPs monthly

  • Secure Management

  • Tailored Management

  • Partner with Experts

  • Flexible Solutions

How does CSI Compass work?

Client Onboarding Process

  • Fill in the Compass Client Form

  • We process your form and set up a call appointment

  • Following consultation we issue a quote

  • Upon acceptance of the quote, CSI will initiate the CSI Compass roll out.

Choose between Pathfinder or Pilot

Step 1

Choose between Pathfinder for cyber assessment and consultation


Move your business towards increased security and cyber resilience with our Pilot option.

Pricing from R 2070-00 for 10 IPs monthly incl. VAT

Step 2

Add additional or stand-alone services through our CSI Solutions offerings.

Step 3

Lastly... Ping Us

Please complete the Compass Client Form so that we can make contact and assist you.

Option 1: Pathfinder

An extensive online questionnaire to identify data flow, data points, policies and procedures, and security operations within the organisation.

Option 2: Pilot - Managed Security & Guidance

An extensive online questionnaire to identify data flow, data points, policies and procedures, and security operations within the organisation.

Our CSI Solutions Stack

Our industry-leading solutions will ensure that your business' assets are well looked after and that your data and security processes are in place. 


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CSI OnPoint


SSL Certificates


CSI NetKat

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KnowBe4 Workforce Cyber Awareness Training


Digital Signing Hub

POPIA + GDPR Compliance Templates & Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this going to cost?

Compass has been designed with affordability as a keystone principle. Costs are primarily scaled according to the number of IPs (devices connecting to your network or router). You will receive a price quotation before onboarding.

Will I need to hire more staff to manage this?

No - Compass is a service managed by CSI. We provide the solutions, expertise and services which means that you can plan for fixed price budgeting with confidence.

Will this mean I am locked into an agreement?

No – we know this is a great product. You can choose between various package term options.

Cyber Security is not my field of expertise - I need assistance in choosing the right solution.

We request all potential clients to fill in the Compass Client Form so that we can assist you in choosing a package which fits your requirements before we onboard you as a client.

What happens to my information?

CSI respects your right to privacy as a matter of law, courtesy, and corporate governance. We never share information with third parties and we don’t sell information. CSI disposes of client data which is no longer relevant or required as per POPIA and GDPR guidelines.

I don't live in South Africa but I’m interested in your services.

CSI Compass is designed to service clients anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. Please fill in the Compass Client Form and we’ll be in touch.

Interested in CSI Compass