Cyber Intelligence & Analysis

Targeting professionals in the Cyber Security field intending to follow a career in security operations and penetration testing (system, network or application). First-level analysts in operational SOC environments, Professionals moving towards a career as a Cyber Analyst or in the Cyber Intelligence field. Include Cyber Criminology, Profiling, Threats tactics, techniques & procedures, Target analysis and threat intelligence, Finding information, Monitor threat and attack trends, Associate threat actors and vectors with organizational profile, Report writing, OSINT and proprietary intelligence, Integrate, analyse and synthesize information, Build and maintain a threat intelligence repository, Linking information in physical and cyber space, Packet analysis, etc.

Duration: 5 months, including 6-full day contact sessions and e-learning.

Next starting date: 10 July 2019

Pre-requisite: Certificate in Cyber Security or similar for Level 1.

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