Cyber investigations encapsulate online investigations, case investigations and some sections of cyber forensics. With cyber-crime escalating, investigative processes and techniques are increasingly requited by both governmental and private entities.

Course targets investigators and investigation teams within the corporate environment and public protection services that are required to follow online trails or utilize tools to solve online crimes, but are lacking the necessary IT background. Professionals involved in internal investigations, such as fraud, espionage, data theft and cyber vetting. Physical security managers. Investigative journalists.

Assist with investigations utilizing public online information, such as background checks, organizational and staff profiles, cyber vetting, risk profiles, due diligence reports, and social media assessments to establish security posture of the organisation.

The increase in breaches, both internal and external, requires organisations to employ an experienced and trained incident response officer to ensure correct procedures are followed and that processes are in place to effectively respond. We provide assistance in incident response processes via online repositories of toolkits, procedures (how-to’s), check lists, contact information and relevant documentation.

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