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CSI OnPoint

Endpoint protection is the most critical component in the security stack.

We have partnered with industry leaders in endpoint protection to provide advanced endpoint protection, to assist your organisation in guarding against malware, ransomware, data-loss, and intrusions.


Protection for PC’s, laptops and mobile devices, running on Windows, Android, iOS and MacOS.

No Antivirus

Don’t have an anti-virus solution in place? Then this is a cost-effective, solution to consider.

Capabilities include:


Scans endpoints and automatically detect, cleanse and quarantine suspicious files. Integrate multiple methods of detecting malware and malicious scripts.


When an unknown file, a potential malicious threat attempts to execute on an endpoint, the file is immediately encapsulated and contained.

Intrusion watch

Monitor important operating system activities to watch for intrusions.

Breach prevention

 Protects your data.

File-less malware protection

Not all malware is made equal, and some run in memory only. Protection against such malware is achieved by stopping write access.

Endpoint Firewall

Perfect for the work from home environment, via granular management of inbound and outbound network activities, hiding system ports from scans, and providing warnings when suspicious activities are detected.

Automatic signature

Automatic signature updates via the cloud.

Usability index: Once the license is bought, a unique link is communicated from which to download and install the lightweight agent. Thats it!

The cloud-based solution allows for a simplified deployment across your entire environment to lower operational costs delivering reliable, centralized and fully scalable security solutions for your business. Once deployed it won’t heavily impact endpoint performance.

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