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Essential Network Visibility

A security strategy is unique to each organisation, and is dependent on the IT infrastructure, the structure of the network and the security controls in place. NetKat provides this visibility by identifying the IT & network infrastructure per defined requirements via an automated, non-intrusive software application. It provides information on the health of the network as an essential part of security maturity. Visibility and detail on what are in place is essential to define and reach security objectives. The security section of NetKat focuses on security risk assessment at a high level.

Capabilities include:

Security Risk Report

Assess computer risk at a high level and produces a Security Risk Report Card so that critical issues can be addressed as part of the security plan.

Data Breach Liability Report

Search for Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and present as a report.

Login Analysis

Methodically analyse login history to identify anomalous activity.

Policy Reviews

Create a full review of the security policies.


The Security Risk score quantifies issues into measurable values that can be tracked over time. Continuous improvements to the security profile can be illustrated.

External Vulnerability Scan

Perform external vulnerability scan with comprehensive output.

Security Risk Analysis

To provide for best practices violations and issues.

Two extracts from the risk report and the security management plan: