Cyber Security Training Courses

The 2020 training courses combines essentials from both industry and academia to provide valid, unique, practical content that are innovatively presented via contact session, virtual laboratories, simulations and gamification platforms. All of the content is developed in-house by a range of specialists to cater for a dynamic subject field in the South African and African space.

To ensure training continues within the COVID-19 pandemic, all of the CSI courses are presented online, via our virtual training platform. Two upcoming courses is the Certificate in Cyber Security (CPUT), from 29 July – 10 December and Cyber Investigations (CPUT) from 12 August – 10 December. Follow the register link to apply or request a full brochure.


Training for general and specialists’ staff and management in organizations to build a cyber security culture and ensure a safe organisation. Requirements: None


Starting point for a career in Cyber Security. No previous IT certification or training? -then start with IT for Cyber Security.


Three specialization fields follows on the foundation phase, ranging from very technical to slightly-technical. Entry requirement for all these courses is the Certificate in Cyber Security or similar.

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