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Welcome to the Cyber Security Institute

The CSI – Cyber Security Institute provides training and services to assist enterprises to effectively manage risks. We continue to grow cyber-security skills and knowledge by aligning in-house developed training courses with competencies and skills as required by the field and linked with services in intelligence, analysis, threat assessments, investigations, and governance.

Cyber Security Training Courses

Locally developed, practical, hands-on Cyber Security courses presented via contact sessions and e-learning. Foundation to advanced Cyber Warfare levels, also partnering with institutions such as the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) and the University of Stellenbosch (US).

Virtual Training Lab

Gamification techniques are utilized via a dedicated virtual training lab. Include access to simulations and practical exercises on various levels and missions to assist in the training and development of security management, penetration testing teams, as well as red and blue team exercises.

Compliance: ISO 27001, POPI, GDPR

Assisting organizations in compliance readiness as per local standards and regulations. Provides guidance on processes and implementations to establish an ISMS to effectively manage Cyber Security risks within the organization.                    

Cyber Security Awareness

Awareness training is approached by looking at learning as a continuum – it starts with awareness, builds to training and evolves into education. Training, monitoring and evaluation via our dedicated virtual platform to ensure compliance and accountability.


Assist in forensics investigations, both internally and externally to the organisation. Includes evidence management and analysis and the management of digital investigations. Access to toolkits and methodologies to follow online trails and assess profiles.

Virtual Cyber Security & Data Officer

The focus is training and services for teens and their parents, in partnership with Thinking about Education. Establishing and fostering a Cyber aware culture as well as growing skill sets in Cyber Security from school-level. Includes monitoring services of endpoint devices.


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