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Our C-Suite Workshop is designed to build cyber leadership insights and practices within organisations. Work with our team of experts to shape your organisation's cyber security practices. 

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A lack of alignment between information security staff, the business, the C-Suite and the Board of Directors is a key challenge in many organisations today. For the Chief Information Security Officer, gaining top-down support is a key determinant for future success. For the Board, inadequate security poses a significant threat to shareholder value. Bridging the divide between technical and management staff is therefore an essential element of organisational success and synergy.


Our C-Suite Workshop is designed to build cyber leadership insights and practices within organisations. We offer real world experience for business leaders to work with their technology teams to create risk-based information security strategies for their organisations. Our experts will engage your team through a dynamic and interactive session on information security management, its challenges and pathways to maturity and resilience.

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Workshop Fundamentals

  • Understanding the major strategic shifts in the cyber security echo system for decision makers
  • Understanding the gap between your cyber security strategy and your business strategy
  • Know your cyber security pain points and address your cyber posture
  • Risk mitigation strategy and how to harness the quick wins
  • Stakeholder Engagement - Building Cyber Resilience and Cyber Security Culture
  • Cyber Maturity and adopting an Information Security Management Framework.
  • Interactive Simulated Incident Response Drill

Our Training Team

Prof Elmarie Biermann

Prof Elmarie Biermann

Professor Elmarie Biermann holds a PhD in Computer Security and boasts experience in both the academic and private sectors. She has an extensive list of international research and technical publications, is an acknowledged keynote speaker and a regular expert panelist on cyber-crime, cyber warfare and cyber intelligence. She previously held an Adjunct Professorship at the French South African Institute of Technology, growing Security as a research field in the Nano-satellite environment. Elmarie currently holds an Extraordinary Associate Professorship in the Department of Strategic Studies, Stellenbosch.

Noëlle Cowling

Noëlle Cowling

Noëlle van der Waag-Cowling is Strategy Consultant at CSI and the Cyber Lead at the Security Institute for Governance and Leadership (SIGLA), Stellenbosch University. She has extensive experience in cyber strategy, cyber warfare and state level cyber security. She is a member of the review board of the International Journal of Cyber Warfare and Terrorism as well as the Australia-Pacific Grey Zone Working Group. Noëlle has served on the Group of Global Experts to the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva which advises on the protection of civilians during cyber attacks. She is passionate about tech innovation in Africa and building cyber capacity on the Continent. In 2020 she was voted one of the Top 50 Women in Cyber in Africa.

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